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Automate your deployment to Dreamhost

Cheap hosts like Dreamhost, Bluehost and others offer lots of nice feature for a small price. Typically, you get to spin up a wordpress site with a 'one click install' and get other features liek a shared MySQL database.

With tools like Netlify and Now.sh deployment has never been easier. But, what if you want the same autodeployment features you get with these cool new services but on your own cheap host?

The answer is to use a contiunous integration tool like Circle CI and some ssh key gen wizardry to get going.

Step 1 Generate a key

Steps to generate a key

Step 2 Configure Circle CI

Connect to Github, then setup and SSH key for login.

Step 3 Setup your deployment

Then setup a workflow to build and deploy

Step 4 get fancy with environment varables

You can add environment variables to get more streamlined.